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iPhone (SingTel Set) must be free of cosmetic damage to enjoy warranty…

From SingTel:

Allow us to share that the customers have to meet the following requirements in order to have the iPhone exchanged.

1. Must be a SingTel set.
2. Must be within warranty.
3. SIM tray IMEI must tally with the unit’s IMEI
4. Phone must be powered on and/or can be detected in iTunes.
5. No signs of liquid damage/contact on the unit.
6. There are no signs of tampering.
7. No cosmetic/physical damage on the unit.

If the iPhone is out of warranty or found with liquid damage, or cosmetic/physical damage,  it is chargeable at $350!!

Other discussion:

Panasonic GF2 正式公布

作为热卖机型GF1的后续产品,GF2缩小了大约19%的体积并减轻了大约7%的重量,成为世界上最轻巧的可更换镜头机身。在拥有小巧便携优势的同时,GF2也拥有1200万像素的Live MOS感光元件,并且支持提全高清1920 x 1080的分辨率,拍摄60i(NTSC)或50i(PAL)的AVCHD格式影像。同时新弹跳机构的内置闪光灯,也避免了因闪光灯与可换镜头之间距离短而导致的渐晕效应。松下特色的"我的色彩模式"以及46万像素3英寸LCD,可以更好的激发拍摄者的创作灵感,并带来极其出色的取景及回放观看体验。

住家光纤超高速网络 – SingTel exStream, M1 HomePac

两家电信公司 SingTel 以 及 M1 今天(9月1日)已经公布最新的光纤上网配套。


SingTel exStream

Consumer Price Plans (including GST)
exPress 150 exCite Home exPlore Home exCite Home Sports
Monthly Subscription
(24 months contract)
$85.90 $109.90 $95.90 $109.90
Fibre Speed (up to):
. Download
. Upload
. International
Home Line Unlimited Digital Local Calls
exPress Portal
. High Quality Video Chat
. Universal Inbox
. Store & Share 10GB Online Storage
exCite Intelligent video search engine
mio TV 15 free movies
(Ch 316)
mio Stadium ESPN
STAR Sports TwinPack
Exclusive Benefits:
Mobile benefits . Mobile multi-line discounts of up to 30% for 5 lines
. Nominated first mobile line will enjoy a handset upgrade every 12 months and
free mobile caller-ID lines
Additional mio TV content 10% discount
IDD Calls 15% discount on v019 calls for Home Line & nominated First Mobile Line

M1 HomePac

25Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps 1000Mbps
Price $39 $49 $59 $399
Download / Upload 25Mbps / 25Mbps 50Mbps / 50Mbps 100Mbps / 50Mbps 1000Mbps / 500Mbps
Home Fixed Line Free Free Free Free
Promotion Student $39