Panasonic GF2 正式公布

作为热卖机型GF1的后续产品,GF2缩小了大约19%的体积并减轻了大约7%的重量,成为世界上最轻巧的可更换镜头机身。在拥有小巧便携优势的同时,GF2也拥有1200万像素的Live MOS感光元件,并且支持提全高清1920 x 1080的分辨率,拍摄60i(NTSC)或50i(PAL)的AVCHD格式影像。同时新弹跳机构的内置闪光灯,也避免了因闪光灯与可换镜头之间距离短而导致的渐晕效应。松下特色的"我的色彩模式"以及46万像素3英寸LCD,可以更好的激发拍摄者的创作灵感,并带来极其出色的取景及回放观看体验。

GF2 vs GF1 的主要改变

  • 更小更轻的体积
  • 触屏式 LCD
  • 更少的外部控制 (去除了 mode dial, drive mode lever, AEL 以及 DOF preview )
  • 为触屏设计的可定制 Q-menu
  • 内建立体声麦克风
  • 1080i 60fps full HD (from 25p sensor output)
  • Live View 2.6fps 连续拍摄
  • ISO 最大值为 6400
  • iAuto 按钮设计在顶部
  • iAuto 内可变 ‘边缘焦散’ 控制,可以实时预览
  • 完全支持 F-FT012 3D 镜头
  • 没有 remote release 插口
  • 不再有第二后帘同步和闪光曝光补偿
  • 新以及较小的 DMW-BLD10 电池,略低的容量 (7.3Wh vs 9 Wh)


以下转自 dpreview:

Compared to the competition

The trimming-down exercise Panasonic has applied to the GF2 means that it’s now one of the smallest cameras in its class. Here it is with its 14mm F2.5 lens sitting between two of its competitors kitted out with their respective wideangle pancakes, the Sony NEX-5 + 16mm F2.8 and Samsung NX100 + 20mm F2.8 (the latter is much the same size as the GF1 and the Olympus E-PL1).

The GF2 is now one of the smallest cameras of its type, although it’s still not as tiny as the NEX-5 despite having a smaller sensor than the Sony’s APS-C chip. The key difference is in the body height, though, which reflects the GF2’s hot shoe and built-in flash: features which are missing on the NEX.

Viewed from the top, the GF2 / 14mm F2.5 combo becomes, by a whisker, the slimmest of the three.

Compared to DMC-GF1

The GF2 is, unusually for Panasonic’s recent releases, substantially different in design from its predecessor. Here it is sporting the 14mm F2.5 pancake alongside the GF1 wearing the 20mm F1.7. The sleeker, simplified design is immediately apparent.

From the front, what’s most obvious is the reduced size of the GF2 – indeed it’s not so much bigger than the LX5 (click here for a comparison). The loss of the mode dial (replaced by a stereo microphone on the top plate),the remolded grip and the closer integration of the hot shoe into the overall design all adds up to a cleaner, less boxy look.

Top-down, it becomes apparent that the GF2 is also somewhat slimmer the the GF1; Panasonic has succeeded in trimming about 4mm from the body depth.

It’s at the rear, though, that the biggest changes lie. The wealth of buttons that adorned the GF1’s back has been simplified right down, and the restyled four-way controller gives a more ‘compact-like’ appearance. The blue tinge to the GF2’s LCD screen signifies a small, but potentially welcome change – the addition of an anti-reflective coating that should aid shooting in bright sunlight.



Panasonic GF2

Panasonic GF1
Sensor • 4/3 type MOS (‘Live MOS sensor’)
• 13.06 million total pixels
• 12.1 million effective pixels 
• RGB (Primary) color filter array
• 4/3 type MOS (‘Live MOS sensor’)
• 13.06 million total pixels
• 12.1 million effective pixels 
• RGB (Primary) color filter array
Sensitivity ISO 100-6400 in 1/3EV steps ISO 100-3200 in 1/3 EV steps
Movie mode • AVCHD :
1920 x 1080i 60fps (Approx 17 or 13 Mbps)
1280 x 720p 60fps (Approx 17 or 13 Mbps)

• Motion JPEG: 
1280 x 720, 30fps
848 x 480, 30fps
640 x 480, 30fps
320 x 240, 30fps

• Stereo sound (with adjustable rec volume)

• AVCHD Lite:
1280 x 720p 60 fps
(Approx 17 or 9 Mbps) 

• Motion JPEG:
1280 x 720, 30fps
848 x 480, 30fps
640 x 480, 30fps
320 x 240, 30fps

• Mono sound

LCD monitor • 3.0" TFT LCD monitor
• Touch sensitive 
• 460,000 dots 
• Approx 100% frame coverage
• 3.0" TFT LCD monitor
• 460,000 dots 
• Approx 100% frame coverage
Microphone • Built-in stereo • Built-in mono
Remote release • none • Wired remote control DMW-RSL1 (optional)
Dimensions 113 x 68 x 22 mm 
(4.4 x 2.7 x 1.3 in)
119 x 71 x 36 mm 
(4.7 x 2.8 x 1.4 in)
(body only, no card/battery)
265 g (9.4 oz.) 285 g (10 oz.)




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